On boring meetings
March 20, 2017 - 2 minute read

This was written during a Monday work meeting

by Christian Solorzano

I'm sitting at a work meeting right now. Every Monday we have a status meeting where our team gathers around a table and one-by-one we go around discussing our projects. I'd be lying if I said that during these important meetings, I don't daydream—I do.

I studied graphic design and I find myself daydreaming and bored. Is this a surprise? No. Rarely does it impact my productivity. I am bored because I want to do more. I want exciting work. I want to do graphic design that matters.

I see the business faces and the tension. The hierarchy and the professional demeanor. Is this fun? Should it be fun? I continue working here because I'm learning about the do's and the don't's. I love it but do I really love it? Earnestly, I continue working and absorbing the creative process; it's great. I want to continue to believe that graphic design can and should be innovative, exciting, and GOOD. Yes, good. Good as in, making people's lives better and tackling REAL problems. Am I doing any of those things? **sigh** Joy, where are you? I've talked to several designers fresh out of college like myself and a few of us have a strong desire to make a difference, yet we are stuck or we feel stuck, doing the 9-6.

Because of the intense work flow and small team that we have, there is limited room to know what goes on beyond the factory! I look at Twitter and see the things that happen and then I see the things that are happening . If you work too hard, you'll miss out.

As a young designer, its easy to be persuaded and molded to think and work a certain way. You take on patterns and they will affect your work. Be honest, be realistic and have the f*cking confidence to take initiative and follow your instinct. That's my philosophy. As difficult as it may seem; seek the work that means something to you. As a creative, do creative work, find solutions, solve problems and never be bitter. Transport yourself to a place that appreciates you. Observe, learn, and play.

Follow your damn dreams