On Writing
10/5/2018 - 2 minute read

by Christian Solorzano

Today communication moves at a rapid speed. Bombarded by messages that penetrates our senses; it takes effort to consciously choose what is worth receiving. The ability to instantly communicate comes with the responsibility to be mindful of what we transmit, however this takes work and isn’t as natural as a stream of consciousness coming at one thousand miles an hour. The landscape of our canvases provide restrictions and templated formats that house our ideas. The constraints, although persuasive, cannot possibly align to the broad spectrum of the human psyche.

Rather than technology adapting to human behaviour and diversity. Humanity is adapting to technology. The risk: our creativity molding into a set of attributes, thus growing limited. As designers, there’s no one-size-fits all solution as to what is the right manifesto is or the correct ideology. Human-centered design ought to be flexible as it should be inclusive and diverse.

The importance of writing in the field of design serves a multidimensional purpose. It clarifies, and simplifies. Realistically, project cycles don’t always accommodate for a thorough intellectual/philosophical/poetic period of writing. That’s no excuse though to not independently document your ideas even if only for the sake of documenting. Writing can live throughout the entire life of a project, it isn’t fixed, rather it moves through the stages; it evolves, dissolves, and evolves again.

The act of writing our thoughts encourages us to confront the fragility or strength of our ideas. It can be an unsettling exercise that can be comfortable to dismiss but potentially damaging in the long-run. The uncomfortable confession deepens our understanding our ourselves and the work that we do. It’s a useful skill to have for evocative and effective communication outside the realm of images and symbols. If we can, let’s avoid communicating via other people’s voice. Social media makes it easy for us to communicate through retweets, fixed dimensions, and curated content. However, easy is not always good. The strength and gift of our voice is a blessing that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Even in solitude, it’s encouraged to write for the sake of writing.

Write more frequently.