Radiological Society of North America Brochures

Client: Radiological Society of North America

RSNA holds an annual event in Chicago dedicated to educational courses and presentations. In 2016, RSNA asked UpShift Creative to create and design a series of brochures for their various subjects.


Part of the research involved exploring RSNA's brand identity and incorporating elements into the brochures. Certain informational elements were required to be on the cover so exploring typographic options was one of the first steps. In addition, numerous brochure spread concepts were also created. Because the majority of the brochures are very text-heavy; hierarchy and typography became fundamental elements that required strong attention to detail.


The final solution consisted of creating typographic styles that remain consistent throughout all the brochures. This project required us to use various font families to differentiate information. Certain elements are bold, some are larger and some are smaller. All design decisions were created for an optimal reading experience and ease of use. Each brochure uses a distinct color unique to its particular subject.

RSNA Brochure Covers RSNA Brochure Spread RSNA Brochure Spread

Agency: UpShift Creative
Art Direction: Richard Shanks
Collaboration: Renee Kuklenski