Season for Social Justice

Client: Old St. Patrick's Church

Old St. Patrick's Church has an annual season for social justice and each year it focuses on a new topic. In 2015, the big question that the church wanted people to think about was ‘How Are We to Act’? As a designer, I was ordered to create something insightful that would attract the eyes of the general public and congregation. What was required was an outdoor banner, a website banner, publication advertisements and print ephemera to be given during mass.


This was a very interesting project to work on because I was very unfamiliar with designing for a church. I looked through the church's archives to see if I could find any reference material which I fortunately did. Also, I asked the project manager a million questions which helped immensely. While working, I presented concepts and experimented with color, typography, and size.


The title of the Season For Social Justice was ‘We Belong to God. We Belong to Each Other. How Are We To Act?’ Such a powerful statement deserves to be at the center of attention. I created the identity in black & white to give it a feel of power and humility. The majority of design was done with special attention to typography and hierarchy. Overall, the project was well received.

Season for Social Justice Logo Season for Social Justice Buttons Season for Social Justice Banner